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Hi everyone.
I have posted these links to my Piczo art website so, if you are interested, you can take a look at all of the Trading Card-sized Lord of the Rings artworks I have sold lately. 
Hope the links work, and hope you enjoy the pics. :-)

PS: Many thanks to you all for your lovely words of sympathy and comfort on the recent death of my father-in-law, Bert.

Frodo and Faramir art cards

Hey there! 
I'm doing quite well with selling my Lord of the Rings ACEO art cards on eBay. 

I thought that Frodo fans might like to see this one:

and Faramir fans might enjoy seeing this one:

Hope all of you northern hemisphere folks are enjoying your summer.
Anne. :-)

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Hi there. :-)
I thought you might like to see some of the little art cards (ACEOs) I've been doing lately to sell on eBay. These have all been sold. I am pretty happy with how they have gone at auction, and they are fun to do, so most of my spare time has been spent on painting them. 

The pics here are larger than the originals. Please feel free to save them. Apologies for the copyright marks.

If you haven't heard of them already,  ACEO stands for Art Card Editions & Originals, and these tiny artworks are the size of a trading or playing card - about 9 x 6 cm (3.5 x 2.5 inches.)

Hope you like 'em. :-)

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Chapter 3, Part B of The Erotic Adventures of Master Frodo Baggins, Esquire.

        :-) Here is Part B of Chapter 3 of my fan-fiction. Hope you enjoy the story and the pics I used to illustrate it. 
        Please read my previous post for Part A of this chapter, if you haven't done so already. :-)

        Disclaimer and apologies are back at the introduction and they still apply.

Warnings: coarse language, alcohol consumption, sexual references, small sex scene, general crudity, not suitable for minors, but okay for miners.         
        Here's hoping that I can remember how to put this under a cut now.....



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Part A of Chapter Three of The Erotic Adventures of Master Frodo. 8-6-07.

Hi everyone. Sorry that it's been such an awfully long time since I've been here on LJ. I think I have forgotten how to post, so please bear with me if I make mistakes. :-)

Here is Part A of Chapter Three of The Erotic Adventures of Master Frodo Baggins, Esquire, for your pleasure and enjoyment (I hope).

To review the story up till now: Frodo has met the person he feels is the love of his life - Nigella, the new barmaid at The Green Dragon Inn. He had a rather frustrating time during a chance meeting in the forest in Chapter One, and had his frustrations relieved out amongst the rubbish bins at the back of the pub in Chapter Two.

We now continue with what happened the morning after.....I hope you will enjoy it.

PS: There is a special picture manip that I am dedicating to Mechtild. I don't think you are reading this fiction, Mechtild, but please go and have a look at the picture. I think you'll know which one it is.  :-) 
PPS: There is another manip dedicated to those of you who are devotees of The One Nipple.

WARNINGS: Mild sex scene with interruptions; screaming; implied violence (nothing to do with Frodo).


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Frodo's celebrity look-alikes

This is amusing.
At least Elijah does get a mention in this collage: he's third in the list of closest matches. Lol.
He didn't turn up at all in some of the other Frodo photos I tried. But, as we all know already, the programme is mostly looking for similarities in the postion of the face and its features, not true likenesses.
Even so, I am strangely fascinated! It must be something to do with my portrait painting hobby. I think I shall try sticking a photo of my puppy into the programme next.

My Celebrity Look-alikes

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from MyHeritage.com. Get one for yourself.

This is good fun. I'm not too sure about my resemblance to a little girl though.
And Lindsay Lohan? Oh well, if I get to see 'Bobby' I'll be looking at her scenes with Elijah from a whole new perspective. Lol.
I have never even heard of some of these ladies: Ali Landry, Missi Pyle, Mimi Anden, Amanda Seyfried, Kelly Hu to name five.
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Hi everyone. Here's what's been keeping me away from the computer lately.....along with my computer breaking down.
She's a two month old Cavalier/poodle cross - a "Cavoodle". So cute but very energetic and into mischief at every available opportunity. Her name is Rosie, so we now have a 'Sam and Rosie' because our cat's name is Samuel. :-)