The Erotic Adventures of Master Frodo, Chapter 2, Part B.

The Erotic Adventures of Master Frodo Baggins, Esquire. Chapter Two, Love at Third Sight. 
Part B. 
*Please read the previous post for the first part of this chapter before you read Part B.*
I have done a new photo manip especially for LJ readers of my story. Well, it's not really a manip; I just cleaned up a pic of Frodo's face and put a colour on the scene so that it looks like it's night time to suit the story. 
I am quite pleased with the effect. I hope you will be pleased too. I think you will, because it looks like Frodo is about know.
Hee hee hee.

This part is probably rated R. 
Usual warnings plus a sex scene. It's not particularly explicit but there's lots of panting and a mention of body parts going hard, and so on.

Btw, disclaimers and apologies can be found in the Introduction in an earlier post (Nov 22, 2006).

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The Erotic Adventures Of Master Frodo. Chapter Two, Part A.

Hi everyone. Here is Chapter Two of my Frodo fan-fiction. I'm sorry that it's taken so long to post it. No, I'm not writing it as I go! Once again, it has been the locating, reducing and transferring of all the pictures that has made me procrastinate. 
I hope that you can remember what happened in Chapter One. If you don't want to read it again to refresh your memory, here is a brief synopsis:
Frodo becomes infatuated with the beautiful and mysterious new barmaid at The Green Dragon, Nigella.
He accidentally meets her in the forest whereupon they are both overcome by lust. Nigella has her wicked way with innocent little Frodo, and just when he thinks it's his turn for a bit of sexual gratification, Nigella senses that they are being watched. She runs away, leaving poor Frodo in a dreadful state of frustration.

I have had to divide the chapter into two sections because the entire chapter is too big to fit into one post.
Now read on...

By the way: Rating MA+
Sex references, occasional coarse language, merciless teasing of Frodo by all and sundry.


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My daughter's artwork

Hi everyone, and Happy New Year! :-)

Here is a link to my daughter Fiona's blog. She likes to draw and paint too. Please visit and please leave a comment or two. I am sure she would be so thrilled to receive comments from people overseas!! :-)

You can leave a comment even if you aren't a blog member, just by clicking the anonymous option - but don't forget to write your first name and your country in your comment, if you like. 
Thank you. :-)
Here are two sample pics.

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Hi. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends. 
Here's a photo especially for Melyanna, and all the rest of you cat (and penguin) lovers out there in LJ Land. :-)

My cat Samuel shows what he thinks about my Happy Feet Mumbles. 
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Season's Greetings.

Hello everyone. Merry Christmas to all of you. Have a safe and happy Christmas Day.
Here's my tree angel from Christmas 2005. :-) He looks very anxious to be up the top of the tree. Lol.



Chapter One, The Art of Seduction, Part A.

The Erotic Adventures of Master Frodo Baggins, Esquire.
Here's Chapter One, The Art of Seduction, complete with pictures - I hope.  I have had to break up the chapter into sections because it is too large to post otherwise.

Oh yes:
Warnings: occasional coarse language, sex scene.
Rating: R - please do not read this story if you are under 27 years of age. (Or 17 or 18, or whatever the limit is. )

Please remember that this story is just meant to be a bit of a joke, and not intended as a serious work in any way whatsoever.
If anyone feels that there should be disclaimers or apologies for this fan-fiction, you will find them in the introductory notes in the previous update.
Hope you enjoy the chapter. Thanks for reading! 

PS: Please don't comment about my using Mandy M's pic for my Nigella character. You were already warned in the introduction! Lol.

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The Erotic Adventures of Master Frodo Baggins, Esquire. INTRODUCTION. 22 Nov 06.

A few kind people have expressed a desire to read my Frodo fan-fiction, so here is the cover picture and introduction for those of you who are interested.
I hope that all the pictures appear in my LJ when I post this. I'm not really sure what I am doing here. ;-)

If anyone knows how I can tuck a large portion of writing away under a nice tidy link instead of just being out here on full, immediate display, could you please advise me on what to do? (Please keep in mind that I am a computer dunce. Lol.)

Please enjoy the introductory bits...I do hope you'll read the intro, the editor's notes, Saruman's foreword, and the author's notes as they will explain a few things about my own little hobbit world. :-)


WARNINGS: Sexual references; sexual contact between consenting adult hobbits; occasional bad language; overuse of silly euphemisms for personal body parts; lavatorial humour; general stupidity.

- although I think that the introduction, editor's notes, author's notes, and Saruman's foreword are fairly tame.

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I'll post Chapter One - 'The Art of Seduction' - of Book One -'The Apprenticeship of the Thing' - in a couple of days or so because the pictures are taking me ages to transfer from my Word document to LJ.
Anne. :-)

New Frodo and Sam painting

Hi everyone. Just want to thank you all for making me feel so welcome here in the world of Live Journal. :-)

I have just finished a new painting. It's Sam and Frodo watching the wood elves leaving Middle earth. The painting is done in acrylics on a 12 x 16 inch canvas board - it's a commissioned job for a lady from the USA.
I took photos of it tonight, but they didn't turn out too well because I had to use the camera flash.
Anyway, I did an oil paint effect on the pic in my photo-editing programme to hide the the camera flare. Lol. Oh well, it looks quite effective. Will take more photos in the daylight and post them on my art site at a later date. If I get really keen, I'll put in a photo sequence of the painting from start to finish, because the boys look quite funny at some stages of the painting.
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Hello, anybody out there?

Hello. This is my first post in my LJ, and I don't quite know what to say, so I'll just put a larger pic of my avatar here for you to look at. It's a photo manip I did for my fanfic (WIP), where Frodo gets to do all sorts of things when he comes back to The Shire after his Ring Quest.
You can see from the picture exactly what sort of thing he got up to in this instance. The baby is Frodo's third daughter...

If you'd like to have a look at some of my Frodo paintings and drawings on canvas and paper, please click on this link.
Paintings are on the opening page; drawings and my Frodo rag-dolls are on separate pages. There's also a new page of recent paintings and one of caricature-style drawings. :-)

I'd be interested to know what you think.