frodos_mum's Journal

7 October
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Hi, my name is Anne. I have only recently discovered LJ, and I've realised that this is a great place to meet fellow Frodo lovers, artists and fan-fiction writers. I'm an Australian Frodo fan; have been since I first saw him reading under a tree at the start of Fellowship of the Ring in 2001. I am an artist who finds Frodo Baggins, as played by Elijah Wood, a very inspiring subject. That little hobbit is a living work of art in my opinion! Please feel free to have a look at my LOTR art site. There are paintings on the opening page, plus drawings and my Frodo rag-dolls on other pages. I'll be adding new paintings and drawings as I complete them. I'm also interested in photo manipulation, and will probably post some of those on my site in the future.
There are also sections devoted to my garden, if any of you happen to be garden-lovers. :-)